The Retired Candy Doodle parents already have furever spoiled homes that they have lived in since they were pups. 

Candy Doodles Prince Ellington
                       aka Eli
  • Mini-Medium Multigenerational Goldendoodle, 30lbs

  • Soft fleece non-shedding coat

  • OFA Prelim Hips - Good

  • OFA Elbows - Normal

  • Patella's (knees) - Normal

  • Cardiac (heart) - Normal 

  • OFA CERF (eyes) - Normal

  • Genetic Disease Panel thru Paw Prints - Clear (ICH, NEWs, VWD I&II, PRA 1&2 & Rod Cone) (DM carrier)

  • Coat & color testing thru Paw Prints - IC clear, at/at, B/b or b/b, D/D, E/e, Ky/Ky, m/m, S/S

Prince Ellington is an adorable little guy! He lives a spoiled life with his guardian family just a couple of miles from me. He has an amazing build that is stocky and square. His phantom markings are stunning, and his coat is a curly soft fleece, and is non-shedding. Eli loves to run in his backyard, play with his human brother, and loves attention from all his neighbors. He is super smart and learned to potty train with bell training very quickly, His Guardian Family is amazing and love him to pieces. He rides in the car to pick up his brother from school, he spends the day with mom learning fun tricks, and gets so excited to see his dad come home from work.