**No breeding rights**

All pups are sold with a spay and neuter contract

How can I reserve a pup or get on the waitlist?




​Thank you for your interest in a pup from Candy Doodles!

First you will need to complete a Puppy Application to be reviewed for approval. 

DO NOT send the deposit until after your application is approved.


If approved you can send the $300 non-refundable deposit...

I cannot guarantee a certain coat pattern, coat type, size, or color. 

*For info on pricing please click here.

How does the Master waitlist process work?



Once your application is approved and you have paid your deposit, then you can join the private "Candy Doodle Family" page for updates on pregnancies, when litters are born, and updated pictures of the pups in the current litters, and past litters. 

*Candy Doodles reserves the first 2 spots, (pups) in each litter. 


I reserve the right to refuse an application, OR even to a family with an approved application for any reason. Reasons would most likely be because I don't feel it would be a good home for the pup, or if I feel information I was given was untrue, but I reserve the right to refuse for any reason. 


How the Master Waitlist works:


All families are on the same waitlist for all Goldendoodle litters of all sizes, colors, patterns, & gender, etc. You can stay on the waitlist for 1 full year from your deposit date.

The pups are picked in the order deposits were received. Pups are typically picked out when they are around 4 weeks old. You will be asked around the time the litter is born if you might possibly be in interested in a pup from that specific litter. That way I know if I need to contact you on the day it’s “puppy pick day”.

I will notify you of a date that we will have the “puppy pick day” and a time that you will need to be available either by phone, text, Facebook messenger, or email. You will have a 30 minute slot to pick out your pup. Keep in mind there will have been pictures, videos, and the weights of each pup posted a few times before puppy pick day, so you will have had time to see the pups to help with your decision to pick. I will likely not have much info to provide on their temperaments when they are young pups. The individual temperaments are not usually seen until they are a little older at around 6-7 weeks old, but if I notice anything early I can let you know.

Please be sure you are available at the time scheduled or you will most likely get skipped. A smart and safe backup option that families like to do is to send me a list a couple of days before puppy pickup day in the order of your favorites. For example if there is a litter of 10 pups, and you are ok with picking any of the pups then write out a list in order of 1-10, (1st pick - red collar, 2nd pick - blue collar, ... 10th pick - black collar). Or for another example if there is a litter of 10, but you’re only interested in 3 of those then send me a list of those 3 in order of your favorites. If one of 3 happen to be available when it's your turn to pick then I will reserve that puppy. I will reserve your pup based on your list, if you were not available to be reached during the schedule time. Most families are available to speak with me during their time to pick, but it's always good to have a backup plan.

If you are interested in a pup when it’s your turn to pick then that pup is reserved for you. You will continue to get updates which are typically weekly, and you will pick up your puppy when they are 8 weeks old.

If you not interested in a pup from that litter then you will stay on the waitlist for future litters up to 1 year from the time you placed the deposit.

If you reserve a pup, but then decide against that pup that puts me and that pup in a tough spot trying to then find a different family. Your name will then be placed at the bottom on the master waitlist. You are only able to back out on the pup you reserved once. If you need to back out again then you are not put back on the master waitlist and your deposit is not refunded. To avoid this, please be sure you reserve the pup you’re sure you want, and that the date to pick up that pup works for you. If you have any vacations planned around that time then it would be best to wait for a future litter.

If the pup you reserved has an minor issue found after “puppy pick day” by myself or the vet then you can decide against that puppy and your name will be added back to the waitlist in the spot you were currently in. For example if you reserve a puppy and then it’s noticed he has a small heart murmur we can discuss that further and it’s your choice if you decide to keep that pup or go back on the waitlist in the spot you were originally in. You will have 48 hours to let me know if you don’t want that pup, to stay on the current waitlist order. After the 48 hour period then you would be placed at the bottom of the master waitlist.

*Candy Doodles reserves the first 2 spots, (pups) in each litter.

The deposit is non-refundable. There will be several litters to pick from within the 1 year period. The only families that are typically on the waitlist a while are the families wanting a very specific look. If at anytime you decide you no longer want to be on the waitlist, please let me know so I can remove your name from the waitlist. 


How will I pick out my Pup?

Puppy-Pick Day

The puppies are picked in the order the deposits are received. Puppy pick day is generally when the pups are around 4 weeks old. On Puppy Pick Day the families are contacted in the order the deposits were received, and I let you know which pups are available for you to pick from. You will pick out your pup by videos and pictures I will have provided, along with info I will give. If there is not a pup available that you're interested in, then you stay on the master waitlist for upcoming litters. To protect your pup along with the other puppies I do not have visitors. This is important due to the pups have not been vaccinated, (or not fully vaccinated). 

What is the Go-Home Day process?

Gotcha Day

All pups need to be picked up on their go home day at 8 weeks old, I do not hold pups past their go home day. The go home day for the puppies will be the day they turn 8 weeks old, or the Saturday closest to that date. You will need to be sure you can pick up your pup on go home day BEFORE you reserve the pup. You will need to make arrangements to get the pup on that specified day.


The total amount must be paid in full before the puppy leaves. Go home day is a super busy day with lots of families picking up their new pup, so I ask that all final payments be made before pickup, unless paying in cash on the day of pickup.


I currently do not have visitors inside my home where the pups are, due to germs that you could unknowingly bring in around the pups, future pups, and any pregnant or nursing moms. This will also help to not spread Covid from family to family.


We will set up a time for you to pick up your pup, and I will take your pup, and puppy go home bag out to you. I will answer any question you may have and you will sign the Spay & Neuter Contract. Most of the info you will have already received by me through email on puppy tips, when to schedule your vet appointment, feeding schedule, potty training tips, etc. 

Puppy Take Home Bag

- Small bag of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food

- Collar

- Leash

- Treats

- Toy

- Scent blanket with the smell of mom & littermates

- Health/Vet record

- Microchip info

(and possibly more)

- Spay & Neuter Contract

- 2 Year Health Guarantee