About Candy Doodles - Goldendoodles

Welcome to Candy Doodles – Goldendoodles located in Florence, SC. Back in 2005 I adopted my first Goldendoodle, Kansas which is currently eleven years old and she is the best dog in the world! Since then I’ve wanted a house full of them, but the timing wasn’t right in my life. I worked for many years in the corporate world with my last job being at JPMorgan Chase in the Mortgage Service business for over 13 years. After the company moved and everyone was laid off I went back to school and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration with a 4.0 GPA. I decided not to go back in the corporate world, but instead to be live my dream of being a Doodle mom, and producing quality pups so other families can enjoy the amazing breed. It is hard work, and months go by that I get very little sleep, and traveling is pretty much out of the question most of the time, but because it is my true passion it doesn’t even feel like a job. My life is not at all glamorous to most people, but I truly love it!


All of my breeding dogs are health tested, and are fed quality food. They are all spoiled by me and the guardian families with lots of attention, exercise, and love. The adults are fed Purina Pro Plan Salmon & Rice food, and the moms get extra quality food and vitamins they need while pregnant, and nursing. Once the pups start weaning they are given puppy mush which consists of their puppy food blended along with goat’s milk, and then as they get older they transition to eat dry Purina Pro Plan Puppy food. The puppies are raised inside my home where they get the socialization skills they need, under my close watch.


The generations currently produced here at Candy Doodles are F1b, F2b, and Multigenerational which all have high success rates of producing pups that do not shed, or shed very, very little. I currently breed for colors of apricot, red, and cream in solid colors and in abstract, tuxedo, and parti. The sizes I currently breed for are mini, medium, and standard. My mission is to breed adorable, quality Goldendoodles with excellent temperaments.